Who is Eligible for Immuno-Cell Therapy

1.Patients with Cancer (Excluding Some Leukemia and T-cell Malignant Lymphoma)

Immuno-Cell Therapy can be applied for all cancer types except some blood cancers such as certain types of leukemia and T-cell malignant lymphoma. Patients in our clinics have different clinical conditions from early stage through advanced stage of the disease. However, we strongly recommend that patient start the treatment at early stage of the disease in order to expect better clinical efficacy.
In recent years, more and more patients in our clinics have received Immuno-Cell Therapy for prevention of recurrence.

2.Patients with Cancer Who Currently Undergo Chemotherapy or Other Therapies

Cancer is a refractory disease known to have suppressive activity to a patient’s immune system. Standard cancer therapy plays an important role in weakening the activity of the disease. For example, surgery and radiotherapy locally reduce most targeted cancer mass by either resection or irradiation. This allows the power of the body’s immune system to overcome that of cancer. If we can strengthen the patient’s immunity by Immuno-Cell Therapy after surgery and radiotherapy, cancer is likely to be overwhelmed by the patient’s own immune system. Although solely using standard therapy as a treatment has limited efficacy against cancer, combining Immuno-Cell Therapy with standard therapy can be a better way to effectively treat cancer.
Some medical doctors and patients may think that a combination therapy of chemotherapy with Immuno-Cell Therapy is not effective since the chemotherapy damages immune system in the body. We, however, recommend taking Immuno-Cell Therapy in combination with other standard therapies, if they are effective. Our doctors will determine and propose appropriate treatment path, based on our accumulated treatment experience and practices, by patient’s condition, own will and consultation with primary doctor. In fact, close to half of the patients SCG treats, however, have taken a combination therapy of either chemotherapy or radiotherapy with Immuno-Cell Therapy, and have been led to better treatment outcomes.

3.Treatment for Outpatients

In general, Immuno-Cell Therapy is out-patient-based treatment and has minimal adverse reactions, such as slight fever or allergic reaction, so that almost every patient can be treated at our clinics. However, it may compound physical deconditioning as an excessive physical burden for clinic visit, if a patient has poor physical condition to be hard-pressed due to a long walk for clinic visit. We recommend a patient to visit our clinics by carefully considering health condition and the following points;-

  • Able to eat at some degree
  • Able to look after yourself in daily life
  • Able to walk
  • No difficulty to visit clinic

*If a patient visits our clinic with wheelchair, please contact us in advance.

Ineligible for immune-cell therapy

  • Patient with HIV antibody positivity
  • Patient previously receiving organ or bone-marrow transplantation

Eligible for immne-cell therapy, but only limited to Dendritic Cell Vaccine Therapy

  • Patient with some leukemia, T-cell lymphoma malignum
  • Patient with HTLV-1 antibody positivity