Through the medical practice of Immuno-Cell Therapy, we create and advance a multidisciplinary treatment of cancer which is harmless to the mind and body in order to improve Quality Of Life for patients and their families.


We establishment an alliance network of regional medical institutions to promote and implement multidisciplinary treatment approach called "Regional Team Medicine". We believe this will help build our reputation as an advanced medical institution for Immuno-Cell Therapy among Japanese as well as international medical institutions.


  • We promote the highest ethical standards within our partner organizations. Each team member, doctor and staff alike, will implement such ethics in their practice of medicine.
  • We ensure transparency in the organization, and disclose necessary and appropriate information to the public.
  • We make continuous efforts to offer medical treatment with the most advanced medical technology and clinical competence.
  • We pledge "Patient First" medical treatment to satisfy patients and their family.
  • We encourage intensive communication with other medical institutions in the region, and maintain a collaborative practice of medicine with them.
  • We continually analyze the clinical results of our therapy, and therefore promote collaborative clinical studies with university hospitals and research institutions.