Collaboration with MEDINET

To provide patients with cutting-edge medical care in the latest environment, Seta Clinic Group ("SCG") has collaborated on the "Immuno-Cell Therapy Total Support Service" with MEDINET Co., Ltd ("MEDINET"), which comprehensively provides facilities, equipments, technical know-how and IT system utilized for cell-processing. MEDINET provides not only hardware but also services for supporting the required procedures for safely performing cell-based treatment in a medical institution. Such supporting services have received ISO9001 certification, the international standards for quality management system established by the International Organization for Standardization.

Safety assurance is the most important factor for the cell therapy. To ensure safe and stable operation of high quality cell processing at each SCG Cell Processing Center, facility and equipment standards are set in accordance with Good Manufacturing Practice - the industry standard for management of manufacturing and quality control of pharmaceuticals and quasi-drugs.
Additionally, we have adopted common Standard Operation Procedures for our sophisticated operation and process control. This assures quality Immuno-Cell Therapy for our patients with the same standard at all of our clinics.
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