Characteristics of  Immuno-Cell Therapy

In cancer treatment, conventional therapies such as surgery, radiotherapy or chemotherapy inevitably accompany with adverse harmful effect to the patient in some degree.

A favorable characteristic of Immuno-Cell Therapy is that the therapy has low-impact to patient's body owing to its nature, even though the therapy is a cancer treatment, which generally entails adverse harmful effect. Immuno-Cell Therapy uses patient's own immune cells (autologous cells) to fight against cancer, so that the therapy only entails minimal adverse reaction such as slight fever or allergic reaction.

As a consequence of such characteristic, Immuno-Cell Therapy is out-patient based treatment. Patient may be able to travel during the treatment period, and can maintain better Quality of Life "QOL" with his/her family. We believe that preservation of patient's QOL makes patient have his/her positive attitude toward treatment and may synergistically lead to better treatment outcome.

Characteristics of Immuno-Cell Therapy are as followed;-

1. Restrain Minimal Adverse Reaction and Maintain QOL

Minimal adverse reactions, such as slight fever or allergic reaction, may be occurred after infusion of immune cells. Treatment practice is only blood collection and infusion of immune cells, so that patient feels no pain by the therapy except small pain of inserting needle into skin. In addition, Immuno-Cell Therapy is less invasive with minimal adverse reaction. Patients basically can keep physical strength and high QOL while being treated.

2. Expected High Efficacy of Combination Therapy

Immuno-Cell Therapy has no intervention toward therapeutic effect of other therapy, so that better treatment outcome of combination therapy can be expected. For example, combination between Immuno-Cell Therapy and chemotherapy can be effective by making use of advantage of each other. Although chemotherapy can diminish size of cancer in a relatively short period, the therapy also decreases number of white blood cells. Immuno-Cell therapy can compensate for such decrease in white blood cells, and can be used for restraining quantity of dosing anticancer drug from normal dosage for the same expected therapeutic effect.

3. Prevention of Recurrence as Adjuvant Therapy

Immuno-Cell Therapy is a systemic treatment to strengthen own immunity for fighting against cancer. If Immuno-Cell Therapy is conducted as an adjuvant therapy of surgery, it leads to higher possibilities with prevention of recurrence by eliminating microlesion of cancer. This is supported by previous clinical randomized control trials performed at some medical institutions in Japan.

4. Applicable Therapy for Advanced Cancer and Most of Cancer Types

Since Immuno-Cell Therapy is less invasive with minimal adverse effect, patient with advanced cancer can be treated by this therapy. The therapy can also be conducted against all cancer types except for some blood malignancies, including T lymphocytic leukemia and malignant lymphoma.

5. Out-Patient Based Treatment (No need for Hospitalization)

In general, Immuno-Cell Therapy is out-patient-based treatment, so that almost every patient can be treated at our clinics. However, it may compound physical deconditioning as an excessive physical burden for clinic visit. If a patient has severe symptoms, please contact us before visit.