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Seta Clinic Tokyo
Address New Surugadai Building 3F, 2-1-45, Kandasurugadai, Chiyoda-ku Tokyo, 102-0062 JAPAN
Hospital Hours 10:00 a.m. - 1:00 p.m. and 2:00 p.m. - 5:00 p.m.
Closed on Saturday,Sunday and National Holidays in Japan
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** Treatments are Uncovered by National Health Insurance in Japan

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*Note) Please contact us by e-mail at first, and find following list of General Question & Answer regarding Guidance to Treatment Procedure.

General Question & Answer

Q: Who is Eligible for Immuno-Cell Therapy?


In general, Immuno-Cell Therapy is out-patient-based treatment and has minimal adverse reactions, so that almost every patient can be treated at our clinics.
However, If your overall health condition is too poor, impairment of immune system might be occurred in your body. In such cases, it may be difficult to lead expected treatment outcome from Immuno-Cell Therapy.
We lists some criteria of health conditions which can be eligible to receive Immuno-Cell Therapy as below;-

  • Whether you are able to eat at some degree
  • Whether you are able to look after yourselves in daily life
  • Whether you are able to walk
  • Whether you have no difficulty to visit clinic

In addition to the above criteria, please see following notes;-

  • Immuno-Cell therapy is applied for cancer patient, only.
  • Immuno-Cell Therapy can be applied for all cancer types except some blood cancers such as certain types of leukemia and T-cell malignant lymphoma.
  • We exclude the patient who is HIV (human immunodeficiency virus) positive, as there is difficulty in cultivation of immune cells due to facility standard.
  • Immuno-Cell therapy is applied for patient who is willing to receive Immuno-Cell therapy for prevention of postoperative recurrence.
  • If your overall health condition is too poor at doctor consultation, doctor may decide not to recommend taking Immuno-Cell therapy to you.

Q: How many times do we need to take Immuno-Cell Therapy?


In general, our treatment is a cycle of "Blood collection, Cell Cultivation, and Infusion," repeated 6 times at every 2 weeks for 3 months as one course.
Immuno-Cell Therapy does not have an immediate effect on cancer, and requires continuous treatment for certain period of time in order to lead to expected treatment outcome.
After completing the first course, your future treatment strategy and treatment schedule are discussed according to your health condition and efficacy of the treatment, and will be decided among you, your family, and doctor.
If expected efficacy is obtained by Immuno-Cell Therapy, we may recommend for continuous treatment of the therapy. We will discuss and decide treatment schedule with a patient by considering not only medical decision but also economic and social issues. As an example of treatment schedule after completing the first course, we recommend for a cycle of "Blood collection, Cell Cultivation, and Infusion" is repeated at every 1 month for observation of continuous treatment.

Q: How can we start Immuno-Cell Therapy?


Prior to your visit, we recommend you to consult with your primary doctor about your future treatment strategies, including whether you should receive Immuno-Cell Therapy or should not. In addition, you need to prepare for some medical documents (e.g. Report of Present Illness, X-ray Image, History of Medications (Anamnesis,) and etc.) in order to discuss your treatment strategy with our doctor.
Please see further information at "How to Receive Immuno-Cell Therapy"

Q: What types of Immuno-Cell Therapy can we receive?


We offer two types of the Immuno-Cell Therapy, such as "Activated Autologous Lymphocyte Therapy" and "Dendritic Cell Vaccine Therapy."
Activated Autologous Lymphocyte Therapy is based on the use of T lymphocytes, which plays a central role to attack cancer cells. Dendritic Cell Vaccine Therapy is known as specific immunotherapy, which antigen-presenting cells induce autologous tumor-specific CTL by presenting antigen to T lymphocytes in-vivo. In addition, when we conduct DC Vaccine Therapy, we need either proteins extracted from your cancer tissue or synthesized peptides (conjunctions of several to some dozen of amino acids.)
Please see further information at " Types of Immuno-Cell Therapy "