About Seta Clinic Group

Seta Clinic Group ("SCG") was established as the first specialized clinic of Immuno-Cell Therapy for cancer patients, in March, 1999. SCG has continued to challenge expansion and development of Immuno-Cell Therapy with its philosophy,"Through the medical practice of Immuno-Cell Therapy, we create and advance a multidisciplinary treatment of cancer which is harmless to the mind and body in order to improve Quality Of Life for patients and their families". Over the past decade, its accumulated number of patients has exceeded more than 13,000. SCG has also performed collaborative clinical studies for further improvement in efficacy of Immuno-Cell Therapy with university hospitals, including Tokyo University Hospital.
Based upon our accumulated practices and experience in Immuno-Cell Therapy for cancer patients, our medical doctors will plan an optimal clinical path for each individual patient by patient's condition, prognosis, types of disorder, and other criteria. Such a planned clinical path of Immuno-Cell Therapy comprises of combination therapy with other therapies, methods for lymphocyte activation, culturing schedule, and others.

KOSHIKAI, Non-Profit Medical Corporation

Seta Clinic Group was approved as a nationwide Medical Corporation, and registered as "Non-Profit Medical Corporation KOSHIKAI".

Seta Clinic Group

Seta Clinic Group is a group of clinics, which is specialized in Immuno-Cell Therapy, such as Seta Clinic Tokyo, Seta Clinic Shin-Yokohama, Seta Clinic Osaka, and Seta Clinic Fukuoka.

Approval of Incorporation
: August 12th, 2005
: September 2nd, 2005
Corporate Form
: Non-Profit Medical Corporation
(No Equity Participation)
: 3F New Surugadai Bldg.,
2-1-45 Kandasurugadai, Chiyoda-ku Tokyo, 102-0062 JAPAN
Representative Motohiro Asonuma Visiting Professor, Juntendo University
President Shigenori Goto Medical Director, Seta Clinic Tokyo
Adjunct Instructor, Internal Medicine, Tokyo Medical University
Vice Chairman Takashi Kamigaki General Manager of Clinical Research and trial Center
Part-time Instructor, medical school, Kobe University
Director Kiyoshi Sato Professor Emeritus, Juntendo University
Project Professor, Juntendo University
Former Hospital Director, Juntendo University Hospital
Director Yasuhito Sasaki Executive Director, Japan Radioisotope Association
Former President, National Institute of Radiological Sciences
Director Hiroshi Tada Former Administrative Vice Minister for Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare
Director-General, Elderly Service Providers Association
Former Chairman, All-Japan Federation of National Health Insurance Organizations (Kokuho Chuoukai)
Director Ken Takizawa Adviser,The Cancer Institute Hospital
Director Kazuro Iwai Clinical Research Advisor, KOSHIKAI, Non-Profit Medical Corporation
Director Keiko Naitoh Medical Director, Seta Clinic Fukuoka
Director Kaori Makita Medical Director, Seta Clinic Osaka
Director Risyu Takimoto Medical Director, Seta Clinic Shin-yokohama
Director Ayumi Mitsuhashi General Manager of Nursing Department, KOSHIKAI,
Non-Profit Medical Corporation
Director Yosuke Nishioka In charge of Office management and External affairs
Auditor Kiyonobu Ishida Former Management vice president and Executive officer of Fujitsu limited
Auditor Toru Tanaka Blakemore & Mitsuki law firm
academic adviser
academic adviser Hisao Ito Professor emeritus at Chiba University (radiology)
Former visiting professor at the School of Medicine, Keio University
academic adviser Nobuhiro Sato Professor emeritus and Administration officer at Juntendo University (internal medicine)
Former hospital director of Juntendo University Nerima Hospital
academic adviser Kenichiro Seino€ Deputy director of Institute for Genetic Medicine at Hokkaido University
Professor of Division of Immunobiology at Hokkaido university
academic adviser Tsuyoshi Takato€ Professor of Oral and maxillofacial Surgery, Division of Sensory and Motor System Medicine at Graduate School of Meidicine and Faculty of Medicine, The University of Tokyo
Director of 22nd Century Medical and Research Center and General manager of Tissue Engineering Department, at The University of Tokyo Hospital
academic adviser
Kosei Yasumoto
Professor emeritus at University of Occupational and Environmental Health
Kitakyusyu Municipal Moji Hospital
Medical center director of Non-Profit Medical Corporation KOSHIKAI, Seta Clinic Fukuoka
academic adviser Shounen Yoshida Professor emeritus at Nagoya University (Pathophysiological Medical Sciences)

(As of December, 2015)


1999 Mar. Founder, the late Koji Egawa, established a private medical clinic for Immuno-Cell Therapy, called as "Seta Clinic" (now the "Seta Clinic Tokyo"), at Setagaya-ku, Tokyo.
2001 Oct. Established another private medical clinic, "Shin-Yokohama Medical Clinic" (now the "Seta Clinic Shin-Yokohama"), at Yokohama
2003 Jun. Established another private medical clinic, "Kato Ryokuchi Koen Clinic" (now the "Seta Clinic Osaka"), at Suita-shi, Osaka.
2003 Oct. Established another private medical clinic "Fukuoka Medical Clinic" (now the "Seta Clinic Fukuoka"), at Fukuoka
2006 Nov. SCG was approved as a nationwide Medical Corporation, and registered as Non-Profit Medical Corporation "KOSHIKAI."
2007 Jul. Changed name of each clinic in Yokohama, Osaka, and Fukuoka.
2007 Jul. Second Opinion Clinic for cancer "Gan-Sodan Tou Tou"joined at Marunouchi, Tokyo.
2008 Jan. Established a clinic, "Seta Clinic Sapporo", at Sapporo
2008 Sep. Re-located "Seta Clinic Shin-Yokohama" to the building near Shin-Yokohama Station and expanded and improved its clinical facilities.
2008 Oct. Established a clinic, "Osaka Wada Clinic", at Suita-shi, Osaka.
2009 Jan. Re-located "Gan-Sodan Tou Tou" to Iidabashi, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo.
2009 Apr. Re-located "Seta Clinic" to Iidabashi, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo, and changed its name to "Seta Clinic Tokyo."
2009 Oct. Appointed Shigenori Goto as Director General of KOSHIKAI.
2011 Apr. Transferred operation of "Gan-Sodan Tou Tou" to TOUSHIKAI, Non-Profit Medical Corporation.
2015 May Re-located "Seta Clinic Tokyo" to Kandasurugadai, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo.