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Seta Clinic Group

Seta Clinic Group ("SCG") was established as the first specialized clinic of Immuno-Cell Therapy for cancer patients, in March, 1999. SCG has continued to challenge expansion and development of Immuno-Cell Therapy with its philosophy,"Through the medical practice of Immuno-Cell Therapy, we create and advance a multidisciplinary treatment of cancer which is harmless to the mind and body in order to improve Quality Of Life for patients and their families." Over the past decade, its accumulated number of patients has exceeded more than 10,000. SCG has also performed collaborative clinical studies for further improvement in efficacy of Immuno-Cell Therapy with university hospitals, including Tokyo University Hospital.
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Immuno-Cell Therapy

Immuno-Cell Therapy is a theoretically proved option of immunotherapy that anti-cancer immune resistance of the patient is augmented. This therapy entails only minimal adverse effects, since patient's own materials (cells and blood plasma for culture) are used exclusively and is basically free from hazards such as undesirable immune reactions and infections caused by viral contaminations.
Immuno-Cell Therapy is classified into two types: (1)autologous activated lymphocyte therapy (formerly called adoptive immunotherapy) and (2)dendritiuc cell vaccine therapy, in which dendritic cells (a type of cells in the immune system, specialized in antigen-specific stimulation of lymphocytes) are utilized.
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Guidance to Treatment Procedure

Immuno-Cell Therapy is generally conducted by following process; (1)immune cells are taken out from the body of a cancer patient, (2) immune cells are propagated and activated strongly by reagents outside of the body, and then (3) immune cells are reinfused back to the body of the original patient.
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Seta Clinic Tokyo

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