Treatment Fee

At present, Immuno-Cell Therapy is a medical treatment, which is uncovered by National Health Insurance in Japan. Overseas patients will be charged at full-amount of each treatment fee as listed below;-

(as of April,2014)

Fees for Initial Medical Examination,etc.
Initial Medical Examination Fee JPY 32,400(CT included)
Treatment Consultation Fee JPY 16,200(CT included)
Examination Fee
Immune Function Testing Fee JPY 75,600(CT included)
Immune Function Testing Fee
*Fees will be changed types and number of Medical Tests
JPY 15,120~61,510(CT included)
HLA Testing Fee
*Necessary Test for Dendritic Cell Vaccine Therapy with synthesizing peptide
JPY 16,200(CT included)

Your future treatment strategy and types of therapies are discussed in doctor consultation.
(All fees,listed below,are CT-included amount.)

Types of Immuno-Cell Therapy Number of infusions Technical Fee Management Fee(*1) Total Amount
Dendritic Cell ("DC") Vaccine Therapy Autologous tumor lysate-pulsed DC Vaccine Therapy(*2) 6-12 infusions(*4) JPY 972,000 6 infusions JPY 648,000

12 infusions JPY 1,296,000
(JPY 108,000 Per 1 infusion)
JPY 2,224,800~2,872,800
Peptide-pulsed DC Vaccine Therapy(*3) JPY 1,890,000~2,613,600
Intratumoral Injection of imDC Vaccine Therapy JPY 1,836,000~2,484,000
NK-Cell Therapy 1 infusion(*5) JPY 324,000 JPY 108,000 JPY 432,000
γδT-Cell Therapy JPY 270,000 JPY 378,000
αβT-Cell Therapy JPY 216,000 JPY 324,000

Note) "CT" refers Consumption Tax. Consumption Tax is a similar to VAT (Value Added Tax) in overseas. The Consumption Tax is a tax on purchasing commodity, service, and goods.
*1 Management Fee include following expense;-
・Extra medical examination fee(JPY 54,000) (Doctor's Fee for extra consultation hour and extra cooperation work with primary doctor of foreign patient.)
・Follow-up medical examination
・Blood collection and Infusion
・Blood examination (tumor marker, biochemical examination and infectious disease)
・Other expenses (ex. copy, and etc.)
*2 Extra Preparation Fee, JPY64,800 of proteins extracted from cancer cells and Extra Electroporation Fees, JPY324,000, charged when electroporation is conducted.
*3 Peptide Fee should be paid with number of using peptides when blood collection by Apheresis (leukapheresis) is conducted.
1 Peptide Fee: JPY 54,000 2 Peptides Fee: JPY 86,400 3 Peptides Fee: JPY 108,000 4 Peptides Fee: JPY 129,600
・Number of infusions(6~12) is determined by number of cells obtained from Apheresis (leukapheresis)
・When Extra cost of JPY216,000 (CT-included) for one course (6 infusions) is charged If blood collection by Apheresis is conducted, extra Apheresis Fee, JPY216,000, will be charged. In addition, Treatment Fee should be paid, when blood collection by Apheresis is conducted.
・Management Fee should be paid at every infusion.
・If blood collection by Apheresis is not conducted, Treatment Fee will be JPY 216,000 (Technical Fee JPY 162,000 + Management Fee 54,000.)
・Treatment Evaluation can be performed after 6 infutions.
・As our accounting policy, treatment fees should be paid at each blood collection

Example: General Case

Total fee for 6 infusions of αβT-cell Therapy is given as followed:-

Initial medical examination fee (JPY32,400)+ αβT cell therapy (JPY324,000 × 6 times) = JPY1,976,400 (CT-included).

After 1st course of Immuno-Cell Therapy, your future treatment strategy and types of therapies are discussed and decided according to your health condition, economic and social issues, and treatment outcome in doctor consultation.


As our accounting policy, treatment fees should be paid at each blood collection of the treatment. Only Cash (JPY) and Credit Card (UFJ-Nicos, VISA, MasterCard, JCB, American Express, Diners Card) are available.